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Metal Storm AWARDS 2008

Posted in Metal Storm Awards on January 27, 2010 by shagrath

Best albums by genre

Alternative Metal – Meshuggah (ObZen)

Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal – Haggard (Tales Of Ithiria)

Avantgarde Metal – Ocean Of Sadness (The Arrogance Of Ignorance)

Black Metal – Darkthrone (Dark Thrones and Black Flags)

Death Metal – Septicflesh (Communion)

Doom Metal – Virgin Black (Requiem – Fortissimo)

Extreme Doom Metal – Esoteric (The Maniacal Vale)

Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal – Eluveitie (Slania)

Gothic Metal – Moonspell (Night Eternal)

Grindcore – Misery Index (Traitors)

Heavy Metal – Metallica (Death Magnetic)

Melodeath/Gothenburg – Amon Amarth (Twillight Of The Thunder God)

Post Metal – Cult Of Luna (Eternal Kingdom)

Power Metal – Avantasia (The Scarecrow)

Progressive Metal – Opeth (Watershed)

Suomi Metal – Ufomammut (Idolum)

Trash Metal – Testament (The Formation Of Damnation)

Hard Rock – AC/DC (Black Ice)

Metalcore – Heaven Shall Burn (Iconoclast)

Other awards

The Best Cover Song – Opeth – Would?(Alice In Chains Cover)

The Best Debut Album – Warbringer (War Without End)

The Best DVD – Opeth (The Roundhouse Tapes)

The Best VideoArkona – Slavya Rus

The Biggest Letdown – In Flames (A Sense Of Purpose)

The Biggest Surprise – Metallica (Death Magnetic)

Metal Storm AWARDS 2006

Posted in Metal Storm Awards on December 15, 2009 by shagrath

Best albums by genre

Alternative Metal – Tool (10,000 Days)

Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal – Angtoria (God Has A Plan For Us All)

Avantgarde Metal – Celtic Frost (Monotheist)

Black Metal – Satyricon (Now, Diabolical)

Death Metal – Cannibal Corpse (Kill)

Doom Metal – Katatonia (The Great Cold Distance)

Extreme Doom Metal – Ahab (The Call Of The Wretched Sea)

Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal – Korpiklaani ( Tales Along This Road)

Gothic Metal – Moonspell (Memorial)

Grindcore – Cattle Decaption (Karma.Bloody.Karma)

Heavy Metal – iron Maiden (A Matter Of Life And Death)

Melodeath/Gothenburg – Amon Amarth (With Oden On Our Side)

Post Metal – Isis (In The Absence Of Truth)

Power Metal – Blind Guardian (A Twist The Myth)

Progressive Metal – Evergrey (Monday Morning Apocalypse)

Suomi Metal – Poisonblack (Lust Stained Despair)

Trash Metal – Slayer (Christ Illusion)

Other awards

The Best Cover Song – Angtoria Confinde In Me

The Best Debut Album – Angtoria (God Has A Plan For Us All)

The Best DVD – Nightwish (End If An Era)

The Best EP/MCD – Ensiferum (Dragonheads)

The Best Video – Moonspell (Finsterra)

The Biggest Letdown – Cradle Of Filth (thornography)

The Biggest Surprise – Diablo Swing Orchestra (The Butcher’s Ballroom)

Metal Storm AWARDS 2005

Posted in Metal Storm Awards on December 13, 2009 by shagrath

Best Albums by Genre

Alternative Metal – System Of A Down (Mezmerize)

Avantgarde Metal – Arcturus (Sideshow Symphonies)

Black Metal – Deathspell Omega (kenose)

Death Metal – Nile (Annihilation Of The Wicked)

Doom  Metal – Candlemass (Candlemass)

Folk Metal – Korpiklaani (Voice Of The Wilderness)

Gothic Metal – Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost)

Grindcore – Nepalm Death (The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code)

Heavy Metal – Judas Priest (Angel of Retribution)

Industrial Metal – Fear Factory – (Transgression)

Melodeath/Gothenburg – Dark Tranquillity (Character)

Power Metal – Kamelot (The Black Halo)

Progressive Metal – Opeth (Ghost Reveries)

Suomi Metal – Sentenced (The Funeral Album)

Symphonic Metal – Epica (Consign To Oblivion)

Trash Metal – Nevemore (This Godless Endeavor)

Other awards

The Best Cover Song – Demons And Wizards (Immigrant Song)

The Best Debut Album – Equilibrium (Turis Fratyr)
The Best Demo – Nanowar – (Others Bnads Play Nanowar Gay)
The Best DVD – In Flames (Used And Abused…In Live We Trust)
The Best Video – Dark Tranquillity (Lost To Apathy)
The Biggest Letdown – Children Of Bodom (Are You Dead Yet?)

Metal Storm Awards

Posted in Metal Storm Awards on December 13, 2009 by shagrath

აქურობას მიემატა კიდევ ერთი კატეგორია სახელწოდებით Metal Storm AWARDS. ეს არის ერთ–ერთი ცნობილი მეტალ საიტის Metal Storm -ის დაფუძნებული დაჯილდოება მეტალ ჯგუფებისთვის სხვადასხვა კატეგორიებში. ასე რომ ეს ყველაფერი ახლა შეგიძლიათ აქ ნახოთ წლების მიხედვით. პირველი კი იქნება Metal Storm AVARDS 2005. ეს კი იმით იქნება კარგი, რომ შეძლებთ კიდევ უამრავი უცხო ჯგუფი და ალბომის შესახებ შეიტყოთ რაც ძალიან კარგი იქნება ყველასთვის : )