Blinded By Faith discography

Artist: Blinded By Faith
Style: Symphonic Black/Death Metal

01. Somber Harbinger 01:37
02. Behind the Placid Mask of the Starlit Cosmos 04:29
03. Veiled Hideousness 06:36
04. My Burnt Wings 05:25
05. Reptilian Shudders 06:10
06. A Slumber in Cobwebs 04:53
07. Melania 01:58
08. Under An Occult Sun (Live) (Bonus track)
09. A Perfect Imperfection (Live) (Bonus track)

02 – Behind The Placid Mask (Reissue 2006)

1. Tear the Purple Curtain
2. A Perfect Imperfection
3. Burning Rebellion
4. World Has Something To Offer, The
5. Under An Occult Sun
6. Submit To The Summit
7. Last Missive, The
8. Reptilian Shudders
9. Triumph Of Treachery, The

01. Tear the Purple Curtain
02. A Perfect Imperfection
03. Burning Rebellion

04. The World Has Something to Of
05. Under An Occult Sun
06. Submit to the Summit
07. The Last Missive
08. Reptilian Shudders

2.Weapons Of Mass Distraction
3. Global Denial
4. Consortium Y2K
5. Barcode Blindfold
6. Elite Insight
7. Finger On The Trigger
8. An Ordinary Day (In North America)
9. The Dead Don’t Talk
10. …Game Over

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