Metal Storm AWARDS 2006

Best albums by genre

Alternative Metal – Tool (10,000 Days)

Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal – Angtoria (God Has A Plan For Us All)

Avantgarde Metal – Celtic Frost (Monotheist)

Black Metal – Satyricon (Now, Diabolical)

Death Metal – Cannibal Corpse (Kill)

Doom Metal – Katatonia (The Great Cold Distance)

Extreme Doom Metal – Ahab (The Call Of The Wretched Sea)

Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal – Korpiklaani ( Tales Along This Road)

Gothic Metal – Moonspell (Memorial)

Grindcore – Cattle Decaption (Karma.Bloody.Karma)

Heavy Metal – iron Maiden (A Matter Of Life And Death)

Melodeath/Gothenburg – Amon Amarth (With Oden On Our Side)

Post Metal – Isis (In The Absence Of Truth)

Power Metal – Blind Guardian (A Twist The Myth)

Progressive Metal – Evergrey (Monday Morning Apocalypse)

Suomi Metal – Poisonblack (Lust Stained Despair)

Trash Metal – Slayer (Christ Illusion)

Other awards

The Best Cover Song – Angtoria Confinde In Me

The Best Debut Album – Angtoria (God Has A Plan For Us All)

The Best DVD – Nightwish (End If An Era)

The Best EP/MCD – Ensiferum (Dragonheads)

The Best Video – Moonspell (Finsterra)

The Biggest Letdown – Cradle Of Filth (thornography)

The Biggest Surprise – Diablo Swing Orchestra (The Butcher’s Ballroom)

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