Metal Storm AWARDS 2005

Best Albums by Genre

Alternative Metal – System Of A Down (Mezmerize)

Avantgarde Metal – Arcturus (Sideshow Symphonies)

Black Metal – Deathspell Omega (kenose)

Death Metal – Nile (Annihilation Of The Wicked)

Doom  Metal – Candlemass (Candlemass)

Folk Metal – Korpiklaani (Voice Of The Wilderness)

Gothic Metal – Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost)

Grindcore – Nepalm Death (The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code)

Heavy Metal – Judas Priest (Angel of Retribution)

Industrial Metal – Fear Factory – (Transgression)

Melodeath/Gothenburg – Dark Tranquillity (Character)

Power Metal – Kamelot (The Black Halo)

Progressive Metal – Opeth (Ghost Reveries)

Suomi Metal – Sentenced (The Funeral Album)

Symphonic Metal – Epica (Consign To Oblivion)

Trash Metal – Nevemore (This Godless Endeavor)

Other awards

The Best Cover Song – Demons And Wizards (Immigrant Song)

The Best Debut Album – Equilibrium (Turis Fratyr)
The Best Demo – Nanowar – (Others Bnads Play Nanowar Gay)
The Best DVD – In Flames (Used And Abused…In Live We Trust)
The Best Video – Dark Tranquillity (Lost To Apathy)
The Biggest Letdown – Children Of Bodom (Are You Dead Yet?)

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